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About me:


Ph.D.: Mathematics Dartmouth College, June 2011

            Advisor: Dr. Scott Pauls

My doctoral research concerned the existence and examples of minimal surfaces
in the roto-translation group equipped with a sub-Riemannian metric.
In particular, I studied so called "spanning" minimal
surfaces that fill in "2 dimensional holes" in a given surface.
Such spanning minimal surfaces can be interpreted a disocclusion of an
occluded image. Furthermore, the mathematics behind this technique is believed
to model the process by which the human visual cortex (V1) disoccludes images.

I invite you to mail me with any and all questions about Math at Johnson State College,
the area, or anything else!


M.A. Dartmouth College, June 2008

B.A. Middlebury College, February 2006

            Advisor: Dr. Frank Swenton

Graduation honors: Summa Cum Laude,   Phi Beta Kappa,   and 2006 Dr. Francis D. Parker, Mathematics Prize recipient.

Undergraduate Thesis: CLOSED GEODESICS. Thesis advisor: Dr. Emily Proctor.

Preprint of Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Paper: Closed Geodesics on Orbifolds of Revolution

I am a licensed 7-12 highly qualified educator in the State of Vermont. I completed a
teaching practicum in the Spring of 2006 at Middlebury High School while working with the
Middlebury College Teacher Education Department.

H.S. Killington Mountain School, 2001

2001 East Coast Junior Olympic Champion: SG (2 races), GS and Overall. 2nd place in SL.

2001 Webber Cup Champion

2001 KMS Academic Excellence Award

2011 FamousInternetSkier of the Year